Mobile Food Vending

Mobile food facilities including food trucks and carts are permitted in the City of Antioch subject to location and permitting requirements.

Public Property

Pursuant to Section 4-5.1217 of the Antioch Municipal Code, mobile food vending is restricted to 10 minutes at any one location on streets and sidewalks. provided the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic is not impacted.

Private Property
An Administrative Use Permit is required to operate on private property with specific commercial zoning. For more information, please contact the Planning Division at

To lawfully operate a mobile food facility in Antioch, the following requirements must be satisfied:

1.    Mobile Food Facility Permit from Contra Costa Environmental Health
2.    City of Antioch Business License
3.    City of Antioch Administrative Use Permit (Private Property Only)

Mobile Food Facility Permit

The Contra Costa Environmental Health Division regulates mobile food vending. All mobile food vendors are required to have a Mobile Food Facility Permit issued through Contra Costa Environmental Health. Additional permitting requirements can be accessed below.

Mobile Food FAQ:


Contact:    Contra Costa Environmental Health

2120 Diamond Boulevard Suite 200

Concord, CA 94520

Telephone (925) 692-2500

Business License

All mobile food facilities operating in the City of Antioch are required to have a City issued business license issued through the City’s Finance Department.

Business License Information:

Administrative Use Permit

Mobile food vending facilities that operate on private property are required to obtain an Administrative Use Permit through the Planning Division.

For more information, please contact the Planning Division at

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