Temporary Uses & Special Events

Temporary Uses & Special Events

Temporary Uses and Special Events require approval and issuance of a Minor Administrative Use Permit. The requests are reviewed and approved by City staff subject to an application filing, payment of fees, and any additional information as needed.

Requirement: Minor Administrative Use Permit

Time to Process: 3 weeks prior to the event

Submittal Requirements: Applicants shall complete the Planning Application form and check the box for “Administrative/Temporary Use Permit.”

Planning Application

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To Submit: Please email the application and any submittal contents to planning@antiochca.gov Staff will review the submittal for initial completeness and send payment instructions.

Regulation:  § 9-5.508 GENERAL REGULATIONS.

(K) Banners and advertising devices. Temporary advertising signs, banners, flags, and advertising devices other than balloons may be placed at a site for a maximum of ten consecutive days per calendar quarter with an administrative permit issued by the city. Advertising balloons may be permitted at automobile dealerships for a maximum of ten days per calendar quarter with an administrative permit issued by the city. Additionally, nonprofit and public agencies may also utilize advertising balloons with an administrative permit issued by the city. The use of banners and flags at automobile dealerships may be allowed without any time restrictions subject to an administrative permit. “Automobile dealer” as used in this section shall mean a vehicular sales establishment consisting of at least two acres.

Criteria: Staff will review the proposed duration of banner posting, the dimensions, and on-site location.

Additional Requirement: Temporary Banner Application

Regulation: § 9-5.3828.1 OUTDOOR RETAIL SALES.

(A)   Because of the considerations given to the design and appearance of commercial centers, the need for adequate parking, and consistency with approved landscaping, the holding of outdoor retail sales is generally discouraged, and shall be regulated by this section.

(B)   Every outdoor retail sale shall require the issuance of an administrative use permit prior to the conduct of the sale. An “outdoor retail sale” means the display or offering of goods, merchandise and items for sale to the public, but shall not include display of such items on the sidewalk immediately in front of the store or retail establishment displaying or offering such goods for sale.

(C)   Outdoor retail sales shall be allowed only in the Neighborhood Commercial and higher zoning districts, and only on sites of five acres in size or more. The term “site” applies to the shopping center and appurtenant parking lot where the sale is to be held, not just to the individual store conducting the sale. No sales shall be allowed on any vacant property or portion thereof within a Neighborhood Commercial site.

(D)   Administrative use permits shall be considered only for outdoor retail sales of products sold by a merchant physically located and doing business at the shopping center where the sale is proposed to take place.

(E)   Each site, as that term is defined herein, is limited to not more than four outdoor retail sales per calendar year. The length of each outdoor retail sale may not extend more than three days.

(F)   The regulations contained in this section shall not apply to the display or sale of Christmas tree and/or pumpkin sale lots, which are regulated by § 9-5.3829.

Criteria: Staff will evaluate the proposed sales dates, physical location, and site circulation.


(A)   Temporary Christmas tree and/or pumpkin sale lots shall be allowed by administrative use permit in the districts noted. Such lots will generally be allowed on undeveloped parcels, however, the temporary use of developed parcels may be considered if it can be shown that the temporary use will not significantly impact the circulation and/or parking scheme of the existing permanent use(s). Parking areas must be provided with a surfacing approved by the City Engineer which will prevent the tracking of mud or dust onto the public rights-of-way.

Criteria: Staff will evaluate site circulation, off-street parking and related parking surfaces.

Regulation: § 9-5.3828 SPECIAL OUTDOOR EVENTS.

(A)   An administrative use permit is required for special outdoor events (e.g., carnivals, art shows, craft fairs, concerts) which will generate a substantial amount of noise or traffic, impact the circulation or parking scheme of the property at which the event is proposed, and/or include the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Criteria: Staff will evaluate site circulation, potential impacts, and other potential impacts.


Temporary buildings and uses for construction purposes may be permitted for periods not exceeding one year provided an administrative use permit and a building permit shall first be secured and the Building Official has provided for the subsequent removal thereof.

Criteria: Staff will review impacts associated with circulation and parking along with any other potential impacts associated with the placement of the trailer. The construction trailer is to be located on private property.

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