1. Open Google My Maps, https://www.google.com/maps/d/. Sign in to Google My Maps using the sign-in button in the top right corner of the map.
  2. Click “Create a new map” or if you are editing an existing map, click “Open a map.”
  3. You may give your map a title and a description by clicking in the box where it says, “Untitled map.” Click the “Save” button.
  4. Start mapping by entering an address or intersection into the search box and zooming in your area of interest so that the entire area is visible on your monitor.
  5. Select the “Draw a line” tool, located at the top of the map below the search bar and select “Add line or shape.”
  6. Draw a border around your community by clicking and dropping points around the border.
  7. To finish the border, click on your starting point. You will end up with a grey shape showing the area you have selected. Google My Maps will name it “Polygon 1” by default. Note: if you don’t click on the first point and close the “polygon” Google My Maps will name it “Line 1” rather than “Polygon 1.”
  8. You may edit the area by deleting or moving the polygon or individual points. Use the “Select items” tool  and right click on the area to reactivate the polygon’s points for editing. If you accidentally delete or move a point, or delete or move the polygon you can use “Ctrl Z” to restore it.
  9. To move a point, click on it with the “Select items” tool to select it and then drag it to its new location. Note: a selected point will change from white to the color of your polygon area.
  10. To delete a single point, click on it with the “Select items” tool to select it, then right click and select “Delete point.” To delete the entire polygon right click on the polygon area with the “Select items” tool and click “Delete.”
  11. You may use the “Add marker”  tool to add place marks to your map in order to indicate locations of significance as well as, community assets in your COI. Click on the “Add marker” and then click the location on the map you want to mark.
  12. Once finished, click the map menu button in the left panel. Select, “Export to KML” then select the layer you created for your COI or if you have multiple points and areas on your map that you wish for the commission to see select, “Entire Map,” click “Download,” name the KML file and save it. Note: You can view your KML outside of Google My Maps in the free version of Google Earth.
  13. Email your KML file to DistrictElections@ci.antioch.ca.us or print and submit it in person at any community meeting. You can also mail it or drop it off at: City Clerk, 200 H St./P.O. Box 5007, Antioch, CA, 94531-5007. If your COI has a name, please include it as well as the names of streets and other landmarks that form the boundaries, as well as the names of places and locations within the COI that are important to you. Consider including your contact information so we can reach out to you if we have questions. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!