Special Work Session

January 24, 2000
7:00 p.m.
Deer Valley High School
East Cafeteria

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Pursuant to Government Code Section '54952.2, the City Council Agenda for January 24, 2000 was posted on the door of the City Council Chambers, Third and AH@ Streets, on January 20, 2000.

Mayor Pro Tem Davis called the meeting to order at 7:06 P.M. , and Deputy City Clerk Chalk called the roll.

Present: Antioch City Council Members Freitas, Soliz, Sudario, and Mayor Pro Tem Davis. Council Member Soliz arrived at 7:12 P.M. and Mayor Rocha arrived at 7:30 P.M.

Brentwood City Council Members Gomes, Petrovich, Young, and Mayor Kidd. Council Member McPoland was absent due to illness.

Mayor Pro Tem Davis led the Councils and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Antioch City Manager Ramsey presented the staff report of January 19, 2000 noting the main focus of the Work Session was to come up with conceptual ideas about job development, economic development and joint land use planning between the cities. The City of Oakley and the County of Contra Costa will join in the discussion later.

The ideas of the cities working together was supported. Council discussion included the issue of revenue sharing, compatible land use development along the Hwy 4 Bypass Corridor, identifying property, infrastructure, and rezoning of property for use along with the necessity for communication between both cities.

City Manager Ramsey displayed a map proposed by a developer for a cooperative joint development area between the two cities. He noted the map was a starting point and not absolute.

Brentwood Mayor Kidd suggested borders be dissolved and the cities work together cooperatively and share in the benefit. Discussion ensued regarding the previously proposed ideas. It was suggested an Antioch planning staff member attend Brentwood's General Plan update meetings.


Mary Zbacnik supported the concept of the cities working together and questioned the upcoming growth in both cities.

Jean Kuberra inquired on the availability of the water resource in future development.

Jim Conley, Antioch Planning Commissioner, applauded the revenue sharing concept and supported the Councils working together.

Jim Kyle, Antioch Parks and Recreation Commission, noted the sense for urgency to come up with a formula for the land use.

Antioch Mayor Rocha applauded the ideas derived from the meeting. Councils recognized the need for urgency on the land issues. Consensus of both Councils was to discuss the issues of land use and revenue sharing with both Councils and staff and move forward in an expedient manner.

Mayor Rocha adjourned the meeting at 8:28 p.m. to the regularly scheduled Council meeting on January 25, 2000.

Respectfully submitted:

JANET CHALK, Deputy City Clerk