Study Session

January 27, 2000
6:30 p.m.
Pittsburg Council Chambers
65 Civic Avenue

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Pittsburg Mayor Anzini called the meeting to order at 6:39 P.M.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Pittsburg City Manager Jeff Kolin gave a brief overview of the goal of joint economic development between the Cities of Antioch and Pittsburg.



Antioch City Manager Mike Ramsey stated there were several topics of mutual interest and benefit between the cities regarding job and economic development, and the associated land planning issues. He noted the intent of the meeting was to open discussion between the two Councils to explore areas of mutual interest, identify those items the cities could share, and devise a plan to work cooperatively toward a plan of mutual benefit.

Antioch Council Member Freitas urged the participants to think creatively Aout of the box@ regarding zoning, infrastructure, marketing, etc., as a joint venture.

Pittsburg City Manager Kolin stated the area of the old AAntioch/Pittsburg Highway@ (West 10th Street) was considered a secondary arterial to the freeway, and identified it as an area of mutual interest with development potential.

Pittsburg Council Member Glover requested a list identifying the exact properties in question, along with the names of the property owners. Pittsburg Council Member Quesada voiced his concern that Antioch would want to split the cost inequitably. He also felt the severity of the current road gridlock should be foremost in everyone=s mind.

Pittsburg Council Member Aiello stated the metering of traffic in and by Concord held the potential of presenting a sizable problem for East County, adding the Delta 5 must work with the Port Authority for support.

Pittsburg Council Member Aiello warned the participants that, while he understood both Councils hoped to attract clean industries with high paying jobs, they must first answer the question of whether or not the communities held a work force qualified to fill the jobs they were hoping to bring to the area.

Pittsburg Mayor Anzini felt a ground rule should be enacted restricting any joint venture to new development.

Antioch Council Member Freitas urged the Councils to adopt a willingness to explore the possibilities of joint planning. He felt it would be prudent for both Councils to attempt to work together in transforming the Antioch/Pittsburg Highway into an alternate route.

Antioch Council Member Sudario stated she did not feel municipalities should be investing in anything that would deter from their primary responsibility to the residents.

Pittsburg Council Members Glover and Aiello expressed their approval of the two Councils working together, keeping the focus on the area of the Antioch/Pittsburg Highway.

Pittsburg City Manager Kolin and Antioch City Manager Ramsey discussed some of the challenges this joint effort would encompass, such as: 1) money source for the venture; 2) housing growth; 3) traffic issues; 4) infrastructure; and 5) the need for demographic study, among others. They also discussed some of the benefits the two cities would enjoy, including: 1) the benefit of regional decision for the citizens; 2) bringing in Federal money; 3) clean industry; 4) the cities working concurrently on a General Plan update; 5) revenue sharing; 6) elimination of blight; 7) shared resources; and 8) creation of high-paying technical jobs.

Pittsburg Council Member Glover suggested the two Managers (Ramsey and Kolin) begin immediately working with the two major property owners, USS POSSCO and Dow.

Antioch Council Member Davis stressed the need for the proposed businesses to be clean industry; Antioch Council Member Freitas urged the two cities to create a Avery well done@ joint website. Antioch Council Member Sudario warned no formal action should be taken by Antioch until it was properly agendized for formal action at a regular Council meeting in the Antioch Council Chambers.


Jim Kyle suggested a joint GIS system capable of providing both cities with easy inventory accessibility be implemented. He also suggested standardizing the building codes of the two cities.

Jim Conley felt they should contact the State before moving forward with any plans to widen Loveridge Road. He also suggested the Dow wetlands could be a benefit area to other areas in the state.

James Taylor stated there was a good chance technology could be brought to the area with the use of Federal funds.

General concluding comments from various members around the table concluded the meeting had resulted in well-thought out planning ideas, and the meeting as a whole had been a positive one. It was suggested the Planning Commissions from each city should work together toward a mutually benefiting end. Both Councils agreed action should be taken in their respective cities to set aside money to fund the preparation of a joint Specific Plan for the target area.

Pittsburg Mayor Anzini suggested each Council adopt a resolution by March 1, 2000, approving the preparation of a joint Specific Plan for the targeted area and granting permission for the two Planning Commissions to work together.


With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 P.M.

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