Regular Meeting/Study Session

May 16, 2000
7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers

Mayor Rocha called the meeting to order at 7:03 P.M., and City Clerk Martin called the roll.

Present: Council Members Davis, Soliz, and Mayor Rocha

Council Member Freitas arrived at 7:04 P.M.


Council Member Davis led the Council and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


  2. City Attorney Galstan presented the staff report dated May 10, 2000 clarifying the legal procedures to replace Council Member Sudario who resigned on June 9, 2000. Council Member Soliz asked what items were anticipated during the intervening months before the November election requiring a 4/5 vote. City Attorney Galstan stated the primary items requiring 4/5 vote were an Urgency Ordinance and/or Eminent Domain.

    City Manager Ramsey stated a fifth member might be needed for other items such as the Habitat Conservation Plan, Municipal Service Fees, participation in the regional economic planning, etc., and it would be unfortunate to not have enough votes to move forward on these items.

    Council Member Davis questioned how the Council could ensure an appointee would not run in November as an incumbent. City Attorney Galstan stated currently there was not any way, but he could work up some language to prevent the appointee from using the appointment in such a matter.

    Mayor Rocha stated the number of times Council was required to have 4/5 vote were quite few, and there did not appear to be a need to appoint a fifth member.

    Council Member Davis moved the Council not appoint a replacement at this time, and the item could be reconsidered at a later date. Council Member Freitas seconded the motion.

    Council Member Soliz stated there were probably people who were hoping to serve on the Council during this time. While each of the items mentioned by City Manager Ramsey could be controversial, none are new and current Council Members are familiar with these items. It would be difficult to bring anyone up-to-date before the November election. He further stated there were a number of residents in the community who had expressed an interest in the position, however, it would be unfair to appoint someone who might run in the November election, as the appointment would give them an advantage. He further felt it would be in the best interest of all concerned to allow the citizens of Antioch to appoint their choice in the November election.

    Council Member Freitas stated his first thought when hearing of Council Member Sudario's resignation was to appoint a replacement. However, with only a few months left until the election, he stated it would be refreshing to have civil debate and compromise on the Council . He further noted he anticipated a lot of 4/0 votes, not because the remaining members were clones, but because he anticipated reason and compromise.

    Mayor Rocha stated she was also looking forward to working together as a team and moving the business of the City forward.



City Manager Ramsey introduced the proposed budget, stating the increase in this year's budget was only one percent. Services would remain constant, personnel costs would create a very modest increase, and the increase would be primarily in public safety, caused by an increase in demand for service. He stated all but three of the funds were in very good shape. In explaining Redevelopment Law and the resulting debt, Mr. Ramsey gave a brief chronology of the progression of Redevelopment. If a city identified an area and made a determination that it was blighted, it could request County Board to make a determination and declare the area blighted. Once the County declares the area blighted, the city is then able to issue bonds, sell those bonds and use the money to rehabilitate the area, or the city can barrow money from the General Fund. The city is entitled to collect subsidies as long the debt remains, however, once the debt has been paid, the city must stop collecting revenue. He also stated he was hopeful the budget for 2001-2002 would be adopted during the mid-year review.

Director of Finance/Leisure Services Tasker explained how to best use the budget document and the accompanying documents. He then proceeded with an overall presentation of the City of Antioch 2000-2001 Proposed Budget and answered questions from the Council regarding specific items and changes.

Public Works Director Brandt presented an overview of the Public Works Department's budget, emphasizing it was based on the needs of the City as a whole and the needs of the citizens to maintain their quality of life. He stated the Public Works Department would be needing a decision from Council in the very near future regarding the water supply, whether to increase the existing facility or buy water from Contra Costa Water District. He further stated development of a GIS (Geographic Information System) was underway with the recent hiring of a GIS specialist and once completed, would be put on the City's website.

Mayor Rocha called for a break from 8:32 P.M., reconvening at 8:42 P.M. with all members present.

Community Development Director Ward presented the budget for Community Development stating the primary goal of this department was to maintain and improve the quality of life for the residents of Antioch. After detailing the divisions within Community Development, he stated the increased work load of the department has necessitated the need to request the addition of a Secretary I position to help handle the increased volume of work.

Police Chief Moczulski presented the budget for the Antioch Police Department, detailing the accomplishments of the Police Department during the 1999-2000 budget year. Chief Moczulski went over the department's needs, recently implemented programs, and proposed programs. He went on to discuss the accomplishments of the Animal Services Division and the increases necessary to continue to meet the growing needs in this area.

Director of Information Services Pavlicek presented the budget for the Department of Information Systems. He described the equipment involved and the responsibilities of this department ending with a brief overview of the recent purchase and implementation of the afore mentioned Geographic Information System (GIS).

Personnel Director/Assistant City Attorney Chaumette presented the budget overview of the Personnel Department. Ms. Chaumette stated the largest portion of staff time and resources in the past year had been devoted to employee recruitments, during the last fiscal year they had processed 39 recruitments.

City Manager Ramsey discussed the General Management budget, noting the reduction in salary for this year was a result of the vacancy in the position of Economic Development Director, which would be filled by the end of the fiscal year. He then touched on the Council's budget, stating it had remained constant.

Assistant to the City Manager Gegg, describing the budget for the Economic Development Department, stated the position, while paid out of the Manager's budget, was actually supported to some degree by every city department. Mr. Gegg then touched on the accomplishments of the department during the past year and goals for FY 2000-2001.

City Clerk Martin presented the budget for the Office of the City Clerk, describing the accomplishments of the last fiscal year and the goals for FY 2000-2001.

City Manager Ramsey and Director of Finance/Leisure Services Tasker went over the Treasurer's budget, and discussed the role of the Investment Committee working directly under the City Treasurer.

Deputy Director of Finance Mezack and Deputy Director of Leisure Services Wetmore outlined the accomplishments and goals of the Leisure Services Department. Deputy Director of Leisure Services Wetmore emphasized the City of Antioch's subsidy for these program was much lower than the subsidy of surrounding cites to their Leisure Service programs.

Council Member Freitas requested the Capital Improvement Program presentation be held to the meeting of May 23, 2000. After discussion, it was decided to adjourn to the meeting of May 23, 2000 at 6:00 P.M. to finish this Study Session and at that time go into the regular meeting.


Roger Henry commended the Council for their budget management skills. He voiced his disappointment with the Antioch Unified School District's failure to help staff the Grant Writer position, and suggested Council use that money to employ a Cultural Diversity person and full-time kennel attendants. He further stated he would like to see the City use a wider, web-based program for building permits, and include other communities.

Jim Conley, referring to the Master Fee Schedule, asked Council to double the proposed gun permit fee if the applicant could not provide proof of a gun lock.

Barbara Sobalvarro asked the Council to consider splitting the kennel attendant positions as follows: two full-time attendants and five part-time attendants. She felt the full-time positions, with a higher salary and benefits, would not only attract applicants who would be more willing to stay at the job long-term, thus enabling the department to maintain a full staff.

Council Member Freitas voiced his desired course of action regarding the 2000-01 budget, stating he would like to have a Study Session on Tuesday, June 6, 2000 from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M. dedicated to budget discussion. He further stated he had quite a few items he would like to discuss further, including: a) Art Commission funding; b) Dedicate a portion of Calpine's revenue to economic development; c) Move forward on the "A" Street extension; d) Proceed with the fishing pier clean-up; e) The possibility of a $31,000 money match for the Antioch Historical Society's renovation of the Antioch Riverview High School Museum (a critical historical building); f) The issue of whether or not to continue providing water to the Antioch Riverview High School Museum and setting a cap on the length of time the City would continue do so; g) The Library Master Plan for the Prewett Park facility; and h) Development and maintenance of the City's Website.


City Manager Ramsey announced a Delta 5 meeting was scheduled for May 22 at 6:00 P.M. and asked the FUA #1 Subcommittee if they would mind changing the starting time of the FUA #1 meeting scheduled for 7:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M., thus allowing time for all Council Members to attend both meetings. The Subcommittee agreed to the requested change.




With no further business, Mayor Rocha adjourned the meeting at 10: 21 P.M., to the next meeting of May 22, 2000 of the Delta 5 in Pittsburg.