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Alarm Permit

Alarm Ordinance

Alarm Use Permit
The City of Antioch adopted an Alarm Ordinance in 1989. The ordinance requires a person or business installing or using an alarm system on any premise within the city limits to obtain an alarm use permit from the Antioch Police Department. The Ordinance further requires a permittee to pay an alarm use permit issuance fee. This one-time fee is currently thirty dollars ($30.00). For more details, a link has been provided below to the Antioch Municipal Code Section 4-14.01 – 4-14.10 covering the Alarm Ordinance.
A permit number is assigned through our automated alarm system program, which is then transferred to the completed application form when submitted with the alarm use permit issuance fee. No permit document is issued. You may call 925-779-6865 for your assigned permit number or when you need to make updates to your permit information.

Alarm calls
Alarm calls are considered serious and are given a high priority for emergency police response. Emergency responses to false alarms can subject the community and police officers to needless danger. Additionally, false alarm calls can cause delays in responding to other serious or urgent calls for help.
When police are dispatched to an alarm call, an event is generated. If the alarm call is determined to be a false alarm by the responding officer(s) due to human error or equipment problems, or there is no sign of criminal activity, a notification letter is sent to the alarm holder advising them of the alarm response and the alarm ordinance.
An alarm permit holder is allowed two false alarm calls each calendar year (January – December) at no charge. The City Council has passed a resolution permitting a service charge in the amount of two hundred and five dollars ($205.00) for each false alarm response after the second response within a calendar year. Multiple false alarms occurring in any 24-hour period shall be counted as one (1) call to allow time for corrective action by the permit holder. The City Finance Department will generate an invoice for any alarm service charges assessed due to the police response. The invoice is payable upon receipt.

An alarm permit holder may appeal any permit denial, revocation, non-response designation, or service charge assessment in writing to the City Administrative Board of Appeals within 30 days of such action. For more details, please refer to the Alarm Ordinance link below.
Steps you can take to help prevent False Alarm calls

  • Keep your installed alarm properly maintained to avoid improper activations.
  • Update your personal contact information with your alarm company to ensure that proper contacts are attempted before dispatching police.
  • Provide your contact people with the correct codes to keypad, or to give to the alarm company when activated.
  • Make sure all doors & windows are secure before setting alarm.
  • Keep your battery backup system properly charged and maintained. Contact your alarm company if you need assistance with this.
  • Pets, seasonal decorations, structural design changes and even moving furniture around are examples of things that may affect your current alarm setup. Notify your alarm company of any planned changes for possible consideration.

If you are moving within Antioch, you may be eligible to transfer your existing permit to your new address without additional permit fees. You will need to complete a new application with your “updated” information. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by the Alarm administrator for approval.
If you are moving out of Antioch, you should inform your alarm company to discontinue service in your name. You should also inform the Police Department, in order to inactivate your permit, and prevent any future charges that may be incurred due to alarm activation. Your alarm permit is not transferable to another party.

How to apply for an Alarm Use Permit
1. Complete the Alarm Permit Application. Applications can also be obtained at the Police Department.
2. Send a check or money order in the amount of $30 payable to “City of Antioch”
3. Mail the payment with the completed alarm application to:

  • City of Antioch
    Attn: A/R Division
    P.O. Box 5007
    Antioch, CA 94531-5007

To view the City of Antioch Alarm Ordinance, click on the following link:
Antioch Alarm Ordinance