community campout 2020 s

Join us on Saturday, October 10th for the Antioch Community Campout by posting photos of your family camping in your backyard to the Recreation Department Facebook Page. In order to help community members prepare for an unforgettable night in nature, we have put together this guide as a resource. Click each subject for more information.


Camping Safety

Make sure you have what you need to stay safe. If prepared, backyard camping can be a great way to expose children to nature without leaving your house.


Camping Supplies

Whether heading out into the wilderness, or just a few feet from your door, make sure you have everything you need.



Get your family in the camping spirit with these fun nature themed craft projects.



In between grilling and before stargazing, try these fun activities for a good time.



Need to get the competitive juices flowing? Try these outdoor themed games to get active and have fun.



Check out this list of the best camping and nature movies from yesteryear before you start your campout.


Snacks, Dinner and Dessert

No campout is complete without the perfect arrangement of food; get inspired by these recipes.


Campfire Songs

Gather around the fire with the family and have fun singing these classic songs.


Campfire Stories

Once the songs end, and there are only a few embers left in the fire; breakout the flashlights and lanterns for these spooky (but not too spooky) stories.


Local Habitat and Species

Become familiar with wildlife and plant species that live alongside us here in Antioch.