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Eggstravaganza + Recreation Expo

Date: Saturday, March 30, 2024
Time: 11:00am-3:00pm
Location: Antioch Water Park | 4701 Lone Tree Way Antioch, CA 94531

Grab your baskets and get ready to eggsplore and eggscite as you join us for the 3rd Annual Eggstravaganza and Recreation Expo at the Antioch Water Park. Participate in land AND water egg hunts, take part in spring crafts, and play games with staff! Don’t forget to view our activity showcase for upcoming and ongoing classes, take part in demonstrations and so much more when you and your family attend this eggcellent event!

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How Our Egg Hunt Works:

Our staff will be dropping eggs around the waterpark, on land and in pools, at THREE  designated times. Park signs, intercom announcements, and staff will be announcing when it is time for eggs to be dropped. After collecting your eggs, you must take them to the “Egg Exchange” station to have your eggs swapped out for candy.

Golden Eggs:

In addition to the egg drop times, there are 12 golden eggs hidden around the park with special prizes ranging from free park tickets, free meal vouchers, candy baskets and more! Find a golden egg and return it to the “Egg Exchange” station to receive your eggciting prize!

Please Note: We will not prefill eggs. With eggs being placed into the pools, this policy has been developed to protect the integrity and quality of our facility. As a water park, it is important that plastic and trash do not end up in our pools.

WHISTLE DISCLAIMER: Hearing a whistle within the park DOES NOT signal the time for egg hunts to begin. Our Lifeguards are trained to use their whistles to communicate for many different instances. Any whistles heard throughout the park should not signal time to cross boundaries and begin collecting eggs. We thank you for your cooperation.

Recreation Expo:

 Schedule of Demos & Performances Coming Soon


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