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Recreational Vehicle Storage Permit (RV Storage Permit)

Residents of the City of Antioch may apply for a Recreational Vehicle Storage Permit (RV Storage Permit) in order to park a recreational vehicle in the front setback or driveway of a house.

Please note that an RV Storage Permit is not required to park an RV in the rear or side yard if it is behind a 6-foot-tall gate or fence and parked on a paved or gravel surface.

Each RV Storage Permit is specific to the property and NOT an individual Recreational Vehicle.  Each permitted property can have only ONE single RV parked in the front, however RVs can be “swapped” out as long as each vehicle complies with the required standards and guidelines as outlined here.

RV Parking Standards

To receive an RV Storage Permit, the owner of the property must agree to abide by all City standards. Below are a few of the key standards and guidelines, and there is a complete Guidelines and FAQ Document available for residents to review before applying; please click here for that document.

  1. LOCATION: An RV can be parked in the front driveway of a house if it is set back 3’ from the sidewalk and 3’ from the neighboring property. Trailer tongues or other components that are less than 3’ in height may occupy this 3’ front setback area.
  2. MATERIALS / PARKING SURFACE: If an RV is stored in the front yard, it must be on a paved surface that matches the existing driveway. Parking on grass, dirt, or unimproved surface is not allowed.
  3. DRIVEWAY WIDENING: Some property owners may have the option to widen their driveway to create an RV parking pad. Certain physical changes to the property may require the prior issuance of an Encroachment Permit from the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department. This includes, but is not limited to, new driveway aprons (“curb cuts”), pavement around or near utility vaults, or alterations to the curb, gutter, or sidewalk. In some cases, an Encroachment Permit may not be issued and will prevent any change to the site and, potentially, the use of the area for RV storage. The issuance of an RV Storage Permit does not replace or satisfy the need for an Encroachment Permit. Please see the ‘Driveway Widening and Encroachment’ section below for additional information.
  4. RECREATIONAL VEHICLE (RV) RULES: RVs cannot be occupied as living quarters for any duration of time while stored on the property. The RV must be registered to a resident of the home and non-operational registration is accepted. The RV must be functionally operational and in good repair while stored in the front yard.

Application Submittal

Applications are now open online.  Please CLICK HERE to apply.

Individuals without access to internet resources or requiring alternative accommodation can contact Code Enforcement (925-779-7042) or inquire at City Hall 2nd floor during Department Business Hours.

Driveway Widening and Encroachment

The following section provides information on the process to widen your driveway or alter the Public Right-Of-Way.

Public Right-Of-Way

Most people are not aware that, in most residential neighborhoods, the public “Right-Of-Way” or City Property actually extends 10 feet behind the face of the curb (the gutter where the street meets the curb). This area includes the public sidewalk and a portion of the front yard. All work, repair, paving, or improvement in this area requires approval of an Encroachment Permit.

Please carefully review the Encroachment Permit Application & Instructions online:

For questions about the Encroachment Permit application process not covered in this document, please contact the Engineering Services Division (Department of Public Works) at: or 925-779-7080

Driveway Widening and Encroachment Standards

The following standards apply to modifications to the public right-of-way and will need to be satisfied to obtain an Encroachment Permit:

  1. Width: Single Residential driveways may not be more than 14 feet wide. Double driveways may not be more than 21 feet wide.
  2. Number: No more than two driveways shall be permitted on any residential property 100 feet or under in width, and not more than one additional driveway for each 50 feet additional. Space between multiple driveways on the same property shall be 20 feet or multiples thereof. Pursuant to 7-2.621 DRIVEWAYSand  9-4.630 DRIVEWAYS, there are exceptions as follows:

Wider driveways may be permitted upon the approval of the City Engineer and Chief of Police provided the applicant can show the following:

(a) That approval will not create a parking problem;

(b) That approval will not create a traffic problem; and

(c) That the nature of the use of the property is such as to absolutely require a wider driveway.

(2) All requests for exceptions shall be in writing.

If you can meet all of the other requirements referenced here and want to request a wider driveway, please contact the Engineering Services Division (Department of Public Works) at:

  1. Coverage: You may not pave or use more than 50% of your front yard for parking.
  2. Stormwater: The creation of additional parking surface must not direct stormwater to a neighboring property. Any project that creates or replaces 2,500 – 10,000 square feet of impervious surfaces (e.g. concrete/asphalt) is required to have stormwater mitigation.
  3. Utility / Vault / Hydrant / Meter Clearance:

Pursuant to Utility Clearance Policy

  • Hydrants, utility poles, and street lights require a minimum3-foot clear setback zone around all sides
  • Water meters require a minimum 2-foot clear setback zone around all sides, measured from the outside edge of the water meter box.
  • Water gates and other water service equipment require a minimum un-obstructed twenty-four inch (24″) clear setback zone, at least eight feet (8′) high, completely around each piece of equipment.

Approvals / clearances of all non-City owned utilities must be obtained directly from the utility company.

  1. Preservation Of Monuments: Pursuant to § 7-2.625 PRESERVATION OF MONUMENTS, any marker or monument set or placed on a property for the purposes of defining lot or parcel lines shall NOT be disturbed.
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