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Building Division

Permit Requirements



  • Name of Owner
  • Address of project
  • Overall dimensions of property
  • Location and width of public easements (note: information on private easements is available on the property deed)
  • Location, dimensions and distance from property lines of existing buildings, decks, structures, retaining walls, paved parking and driveways
  • Location, dimensions and distance from property lines to proposed project
  • Location of any existing trees to be removed
  • Existing survey hubs, pipes and similar permanently installed property line identification
  • Location of existing curb cuts to be closed or altered and of any new curb cuts. A separate Encroachment permit from the Engineering Division is required for this work
  • Location of existing sewer main and proposed lateral, where applicable
  • Drainage and contour of lot
  • Listed below are some typical development standards for single-family dwellings


  • Maximum height:  35 feet
  • Minimum Front Yard:  20 feet
  • Minimum Side Yard
    • Corner: 10 feet
    • Interior:  5 feet
  • Minimum Rear Yard:  20 feet**

** Additions to the rear of a single-family dwelling may be to within 10 feet of the rear property line, provided that the width of that portion of the main structure shall not exceed 50% of the buildable width of the lot.


Detached from main building by more than five feet (5′), i.e. sheds, gazebos, patio covers, etc.

  • Maximum height:  15 feet
  • Minimum Front Yard:  60 feet
  • Minimum Side Yard
    • Corner:  20 feet
    • Interior:  0 feet*
  • Minimum Rear Yard:  0 feet*

* Structures located less than three feet (3′) from property line must be of fire-rated construction.


Typically need the following, but call the Building Division at (925) 779-7065 to confirm submittal requirements for individual projects.

  • New
    • Three (3) sets of plans wet stamped and signed
    • Two (2) sets Title 24, soils reports, structural calculations and roof trusses
  • Tenant Improvements:
    • Three (3) sets of plans wet stamped and signed
    • Two (2) sets of Title 24 and structural calculations

Plans can be submitted anytime Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to  5:00 p.m. However if plans are submitted when the inspectors are in the office, permits can usually be issued over the counter (one exception being additions).