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Alarm Registration

Important Information for Alarm Users

City of Antioch, CA Ordinance No. 2161-C-S (Municipal Code Chapter 14 of Title 4)

The City of Antioch has adopted a new alarm systems ordinance concerning the regulation of alarm systems and police response to false alarms within the City.  A 3rd party (PM AM Corporation) will be administering the notifications, billing (including on-line payment), collections, registration applications and processing for residential and commercial alarm systems, as well as the collection of fines and fees related to false alarms.  The below link will direct you to the City of Antioch Alarm Registration website.  The link is also located on the City of Antioch web page and the City of Antioch Police Department web page.



“Alarm system” means a device or series of devices, which emit or transmit an audible or remote visual or electronic alarm signal, which is intended to summon Police response. The term includes hardwired systems, surveillance cameras and systems interconnected with a radio frequency method such as cellular or private radio signals, and includes local alarm systems. It does not include an alarm installed in a motor vehicle or a system which will not emit a signal either audible or visible from the outside of the building, residence or beyond, but is designed solely to alert the occupants of a building or residence.

“False Alarm” means an alarm dispatch request to the Police Department which results in the responding officer finding no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense.

Alarm Registration:

  • An alarm user must register each property that utilizes an alarm system in the City.
  • The annual registration fee for residential and commercial locations is $30.00.
  • An alarm user shall be charged a late fee of $15.00 if they fail to register or renew their registration in a timely manner.
  • Alarm registrations cannot be transferred to another person or location except under certain circumstances.
  • Alarm registrations must be renewed annually.
  • If you registered your alarm within the past year, you will receive a registration notice on your one-year registration anniversary date.

False Alarm Fine:

An alarm user shall be subject to fines depending on the number of false alarms within the 12-month registration period.  The fines are based upon the below schedule.

Burglary/Robbery/Panic Hold Up – Registered location Fine Schedule

  • 1st false alarm : $0.00
  • 2nd false alarm : $100 or complete an alarm awareness class and test
  • 3rd false alarm and up: $205.00

Burglary/Robbery/Panic Hold Up – Non-registered and expired permit location Fine Schedule

  • 1st false alarm: $100.00
  • 2nd false alarm and up: $205.00

All fines are due within 30 days from the invoice date.

Late Fee for False Alarms:

A late fee of 5% shall be charged if the alarm user fails to pay the false alarm fines within 30 days from the invoice date.

Registration Revocation:

An alarm registration can be suspended for the following reasons:

  • Excessive false alarms: The alarm user has had four or more false alarms within the one-year registration period. Exception: The alarm administrator may waive a suspension of a registration upon receipt of documented work orders showing reasonable attempts to repair the alarm system prior to the notice of suspension.
  • Non-payment: The alarm user fails or refuses to pay an alarm registration or alarm registration renewal fee, false alarm fine, late charge, or any other fee, fine, or charge assessed.

In addition to the false alarm fines, a supplemental fine listed below shall be charged for operating a suspended alarm system:

  • 1st false alarm : $205.00
  • 2nd false alarm : $350.00
  • 3rd false alarm and up : $500.00

Registration Reinstatement:

An alarm registration suspended for excessive false alarms can be reinstated by completing the following requirements:

  • Pay all outstanding invoices.
  • Provide a work order reflecting inspection/repair of the alarm system by the alarm company.
  • Complete an alarm awareness class and test.

An alarm registration suspended for non-payment can be reinstated by completing the following requirements:

  • Pay all outstanding invoices.
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