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Joe Vigil
Acting Chief of Police
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Antioch Animal Services
300 L Street
Antioch, CA 94509
Tel: (925) 779-6989

Feral Cat Resources

What is a feral cat?

A feral cat is a cat who lives outdoor year-round and is not socialized to be handled by people. They often have multiple sources of food, and may have formed relationships with many people in your community.

The word “feral” is often used to describe a community cat – a feral cat is a cat that has not been socialized to human contact. They will run and hide when approached, and hiss/growl when cornered. They will sometimes have a tipped left (usually) or right tipped ear. This means that they have been spayed/neutered, and vaccinated.

What do I do if there are feral cats in my area?

If there are cats in your area with ear tips, great! These cats have been spayed or neutered, and are unlikely to perform nuisance behaviors (spraying, having kittens, fighting, etc). If there are feral cats in your area that do not have ear tips, we recommend having them altered ASAP to prevent nuisance behaviors and the production of kittens. Please see below for a list of low cost spay/neuter resources for these cats. If the cats are not socialized, they will likely need to be trapped on your property. You can rent a trap from the Shelter at $6 per day with a $60 cash deposit. (Call the Shelter before visiting to make sure we have traps available for rent.)

What if a feral cat appears injured or in distress?

If a feral cat appears to be injured or in distress, please call Animal Services to dispatch an officer to collect the animal. If you feel safe handling the cat, you can also bring it in to the shelter.

Feral Cat Resources

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter & Other Resources for Contra Costa County Cats

Spay/Neuter Referral Line for EAST Contra Costa County Cats – 925-473-5001

Special Clinics for Free-Roaming Cats (four clinics per year – minimal fee)

Spay Neuter Impact Program (SNIP), Martinez, 925-473-5027 www.snipcat.org

Veterinary Hospitals/Clinics Offering Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

Abbey Pet Hospital, El Cerrito, 510-529-0777

Animal Care Clinic, El Sobrante, 510-222-9966

El Cerrito Pet Hospital, El Cerrito, 510-234-4582

Evergreen Pet Clinic, San Pablo, 510-215-9980

Fix our Ferals, Richmond, 510-215-9300 (ALL cats accepted)

Spay the Bay, Berkeley Humane, 510-845-7735 x 203 (pets only)

Tail Wag Inn Veterinary Hospital, Oakley, 925-684-2862

Well-Pet Vet Clinic, Pittsburg, 925-427-4300

ACT Spay/Neuter Clinic, Stockton, 209-462-7729

Pet Resources of Tracy, 209-834-5420 (ALL cats accepted)

Alpine Veterinary Hospital, Concord, 925-825-8464 (Free-roaming cats accepted if handleable)

Contra Costa County Spay/Neuter Clinic, Martinez, 925-335-8320 (Free-roaming cats accepted if handleable)

ARF Spay/Neuter Clinic, Walnut Creek, 925-296-3125 (Free-roaming cats accepted if handleable)

East Bay SPCA Spay & Neuter Centers, Dublin, 925-479-9674 & Oakland, 510-639-7387

(Additional discount for qualified low-income caregivers)

East Bay Feral Fix, Dublin & Oakland (a program of East Bay SPCA), 510-563-4635

(NON-handleable free-roaming cats only)

Organizations Offering Spay/Neuter Financial Aid, If Available, For Qualifying Cats/Guardians:

Cat Support Network – 925-252-5445 (east county)

Community Concern for Cats – 925-938-2287

Contra Costa Humane Society – 925-279-2247 ext. 305 (pets only)

Homeless Animals’ Lifeline Organization (HALO) – 925-473-4642 (east county)

Homeless Animals Response Program (HARP) – 925-431-8546 (east county)

Hands Helping Paws (Furry Friends Food Relief) – www.furryfriendsfoodre.wixsite.com/fffr (east county, pets only)


Antioch Animal Services (AAS) – 925-779-6989 (refundable deposit + daily rental fee)

(At AAS discretion, daily rental fee may be waived)

Cat Support Network – 925-252-5445 (east county, refundable deposit required)

Homeless Animals’ Lifeline Organization (HALO) – 925-473-4642 (east county, refundable deposit required)

Homeless Animals Response Program (HARP) – 925-431-8546 (east county; refundable deposit required)

Community Concern for Cats – 925-938-2287 (central county, refundable deposit required)

Spay Neuter Impact Program (SNIP) – 925-473-5027 (central county, refundable deposit required)

Fix our Ferals – 510-215-9300 (west county, refundable deposit required)

Harbor Freight Tools, Pleasant Hill – 925-689-7235 & Pittsburg – 925-757-8435 (traps for sale)

Tractor Supply Company, Brentwood – 925-516-6610 (traps for sale)

Cat Food Donations for Qualifying Guardians:

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) FoodShare program – 925-256-1273

Furry Friends Food Relief Program, 925-240-3178 (pets only)

For other helpful information and tips, visit these websites:

Alley Cat Allies: www.alleycat.org

Fix our Ferals: www.fixourferals.org

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