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Dawn Merchant
Finance Director

Administration Division
Tel (925) 779-7055
Fax (925) 779-7054

Accounts Payable
Tel (925) 779-7000 ext 1-2041

Accounting Division
Tel (925) 779-7055
Fax (925) 779-7054

Business License
Tel (925) 779-7059
Fax (925) 779-7054

Operations Division
Tel (925) 779-7055
Fax (925) 779-7054

Water Services
Tel (925) 779-7060
Fax (925) 779-7054

Finance Department

Dawn Merchant Finance Director

Dawn Merchant
Finance Director

Welcome to the City of Antioch Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the safekeeping, management and accounting of the City’s financial assets. The Department supplies timely and accurate financial reports to elected and appointed officials and to the State to ensure that a sound program of fiscal control is undertaken with respect to implementing the budget.

The Finance Department consists of three divisions supervised by the Finance Director.

The three divisions are:
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Operations

All divisions are located at:

City Hall
Third and “H” Streets
Antioch, CA 94509
Mailing address:

City of Antioch
P.O. Box 5007
Antioch, CA 94531-5007


The Administration Division provides direction and coordination of all Finance Department functions. The Division is responsible for preparing and monitoring the City’s annual operation budget and for developing and implementing internal control policies and procedures.

Finance Director – Dawn Merchant
Deputy Finance Director – Jo Castro
Tel (925) 779-7055
Fax (925) 779-7054
Accounts Payable:
Tel (925) 779-7000, Ext. 1-2041


The Accounting Division is responsible for maintaining the general ledger accounting system as well as processing accounts payable and payroll. The Division prepares all the accounting entries, monthly revenue and expenditure reports, coordinates the annual audit and other audits as well as prepare financial reports that are needed by management and other governmental agencies. The Division can be reached by calling (925) 779-7055; fax (925) 779-7054.

Vendor Payments

The City of Antioch desires to pay its bills in a prompt manner. The payment is contingent upon receiving a proper invoice and delivery of the goods or services. Invoices must be mailed to Accounts Payable for processing. Payment is usually made on a net thirty days basis. Partial payments will be made on partial deliveries.

Antioch Development Agency
 Enforceable Obligation  Payment Schedule

Dissolution of the Antioch Development Agency and Oversight Board

As part of the State budget deal, redevelopment agencies are dissolved pursuant to Assembly Bills 1X 26 and 27 unless a city adopts a Continuation Ordinance and makes annual payments to the State so the State can try to balance its budget.  The Antioch Development Agency has existed since 1975 to eliminate blight, improve public facilities and infrastructure, renovate and construct affordable housing and enter into partnerships with private industries to create jobs and expand the local economy.  The City of Antioch adopted a Continuation Ordinance, but then the California Supreme Court issued a stay of Assembly Bills 1X 26 and 27 to determine if they are legal.  In the meantime, the Antioch Development Agency is required to adopt an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule, which the Agency approved at a Special Meeting on August 25, 2011. Please see link below.
Special Meeting Agenda   (8/25/11)


The Operations Division provides processing services to all City departments for accounts receivable. The Division provides utility billing for water and sewer services on a monthly basis (925) 779-7060 and business licenses (925) 779-7059.

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Finance Services Supervisor – Laurie McNeil

**NEW** – Antioch Payment Portal

Do you need to make a payment to the City of Antioch (other than for a water account or a business license)?  This can now be done through our convenient and easy payment portal at

All you need is a valid credit card,  debit card or bank account.   Please be sure to notate what the payment is for in the reference field on the payment screen (i.e. building permit B1907-1234).

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