Water Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current drought restrictions?
Am I responsible for a water leak?

As provided by the City’s Water Ordinance, Section 6-5.22 (below);
The Water Department shall not be liable for any damages to the property of the consumer or others caused by broken, damaged, or leaky fixtures upon the premises of the consumer. The Water Department may charge for all water supplied the consumer through a meter even though the water is wasted because of broken, damaged, leaky, or open fixtures. The Water Department shall in no case be liable for damages occasioned by water running from open fixtures in premises to which it has turned on the water. All consumers having an arrangement for hot water shall have a tank from which to feed the boiler. The Water Department shall not be responsible for the safety of boilers on the premises of any consumer.(’66 Code, § 6-5.22) (Ord. 76-A, passed 12-17-23)
The City is not responsible for water that is used, wasted or leaking, whether intentional or not, on the homeowner’s side of the meter or property. While we are sympathetic to the situation and understand these types of issues can be costly there is nothing to suggest that the City, and ultimately the City’s taxpayers, is responsible for refunding any charges to your water bill.

Can I change my due date?

Our billing system is not setup in a way that allows us to adjust the billing cycles of individual accounts.

Can my meter overcharge me?

Our meters are not designed in a way that allows them to overcharge a customer. Meter reads only increase as water passes through the meter; in the event of a meter malfunction, it would fail to record usage, which would result in a very low bill. If your bill seems higher than normal, it’s due to either increased usage or a possible leak on your property.

Do you charge Late Fees?

Yes. Antioch Municipal Code section 6-5.04 requires a delinquent penalty charge of 5% be assessed if the bill is not paid when due.

Do you offer any discounts?

Currently, the City of Antioch does not have any discount programs available.

How do I put services in my name?

Please click HERE for information on how to start water service.

Is my bill averaged or estimated?

No, the bills are for actually usage amounts

Is there a fee to start an account?

Yes, there is a $35.00 water account set-up fee required to establish services.

What am I being charged for?

Antioch residents are responsible for paying for Water Usage, a Water Maintenance Fee, A Sewer Fee, and if applicable, a Backflow Device Fee.

Who do I call regarding sewer problems or leaks?

Call Public Works at (925) 779-6950. For emergencies after hours, on weekends or holidays call Police Dispatch at (925) 778-2441.

Who do I contact regarding conservation or drought related questions?

Please call the Drought Hotline at (925) 779-6140.

Why is my bill high?

There are many reasons why your bill may have increased. Irrigation changes and water leaks are common factors that cause usage to increase.

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