Community Development Department

The Community Development Department is offering limited in-person services for all of its divisions at its public counter on the second floor of City Hall. These services are available Monday through Thursday 8-12, by appointment only for the following services:

1. Building Permit Issuance
2. Building Code/Project Inquiries
3. Planning Permit Issuance
4. Code Enforcement Inquiries
5. Code Enforcement Citation Payment

Please note that the public counter is closed to the general public and those without an appointment will not be served. In addition, face masks are absolutely required for all those visiting City Hall.

To set up an appointment, please use the following contact information:

Planning Division:
Code Enforcement: (925) 779-7042
Building Inspection: (925) 779-7065
Engineering Division (Public Works): (925) 779-7035

In addition, an application kiosk is located in the outer lobby of the Community Development Department where the public may submit applications without contact. Once submitted, CDD staff will contact the applicant for next steps. A Building Permit application form is required and is available here.

The Community Development Department consists of the Planning Division, Building Inspection Services Division, Code Enforcement Division, Environmental Services function, and CDBG/Housing function.

Each of these Divisions and functions is involved in the development and implementation of plans which will guide the community in the years ahead. By having staff work together in the various aspects of development, the development process is made more effective and efficient.

row of colorful houses in downtown Antioch

The Community Development Department is responsible for managing development in the best interests of the City by applying regulations and standards that make our City a better place in which to live, work, and play. It is through the efforts of these Divisions that the “quality of life” goals of the City take shape and are implemented. The quality of development, be it commercial, residential, or employment uses, determines in part the community’s image and satisfaction of its residents.

The Planning Division is the central point for the review and processing of all development applications including zoning, use permits, variances, design review, Home Occupation Use Permits, and planned developments. This Division also assures compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and applicable General Plan/Specific Plan requirements. The Planning staff works directly with both the Planning Commission and City Council. This Division has a primary role in the long-range planning for the community, including updating the General Plan and the preparation of specific plans for future growth areas.

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcement of the City’s municipal codes throughout Antioch and also provides immediate response to illegal dumping, encampments and maintenance of City properties. The Division works closely with property owners to ensure maintenance of properties and buildings and to maintain or improve the image of the City of Antioch.

The Building Inspection Division inspects all structures constructed within the City which are not in the public right-of-way, utilizing the Building, Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical Codes. This Division administers and collects development fees charged by the City and other Agencies, maintains the City’s street address system, inspects older structures in the City for health and safety hazards, and enforces State and Federal handicapped requirements, and State Energy Conservation requirements.