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The “Cannabis Businesses” Ordinance was adopted in 2018 and established zoning regulations for cannabis uses. Cannabis regulations are contained in Section 9-5.3845 of the Antioch Municipal Code. Cannabis Businesses are permitted in the CB 1, CB 2, and CB 3 Overlay Districts.

Cannabis businesses require review and approval of a Use Permit. This is a two-step review process with an advisory recommendation from the Planning Commission to the City Council. The City Council acts on all cannabis Use Permit applications.

Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline to submit an application for a cannabis business?

No. The City is currently accepting Use Permit applications for cannabis businesses and does not have a deadline to apply. The application process is ongoing.

Is the City using a licensing or merit based system?

No. The City is processing Use Permits applications, which are land use entitlements that run with the land. The process to open a cannabis business is similar to opening a new bar in the City: an applicant first applies for a Use Permit through the City; if the Use Permit is approved, then the applicant can apply for a license through the State.

Is there a cap on the maximum number of cannabis businesses that will be allowed?

No. The City has not placed a cap on how many cannabis businesses will be allowed to operate in the City. However, there are separation requirements between some types of cannabis businesses and from other types of sensitive land uses. Given the geographic area where cannabis businesses are allowed in the City, the separation requirements may result in geographic limitations to the number of locations that may be feasible for cannabis businesses.

Do I need a business location before I can apply for a Use Permit?

Yes. A Use Permit is tied to a specific tenant space/property. To submit an application, the applicant must obtain the property owner’s signature on the application form. The City recommends making any leases for a tenant space contingent upon approval of a Use Permit.

Where are cannabis businesses allowed?

Cannabis businesses are only allowed in the Cannabis Business Overlay Districts. Please refer to the maps on the Cannabis Information page.

For additional information, please contact the Planning Division

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