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The City of Antioch’s Planning Division is now accepting Online Submittals for Sign Design Review.

Submit your online application here:

The purpose of the Sign Ordinance is to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the city and to achieve the following objective:

  1. To Carry out the goals of the General Plan of the City;
  2. To promote strong commercial and industrial centers and maintain property values therein by the effective communication of the nature of the goods and services and the avoidance of wasteful and unsightly competition in signing.
  3. To protect and enhance the character of residential neighborhoods, open view and vistas there from, and property values therein.
  4. To improve the visual appearance of the streets and the image of the city.

Below is commonly requested information regarding signage. Please call the planning department at 925-779-6159 if you are unsure of what level of review your sign requires.

Replacement Of Signage

Replacement of existing signs usually only requires a building a permit. Submit plans directly to the building department. The plans are routed to the planning department to ensure that the proposed signage adheres to current design standards, municipal code, and a sign program (if applicable).

Requirements for submittal:
  1. Building Permit Application
  2. 3 copies, (2 copies to be in color) of the following:
    Site Plan
    Colored elevation depicting location and size of proposed signage
    Size and location of all existing signage on site
    Lineal feet of building frontage
    Construction and installation details of signage

New signage, rebranding or remodeling of a commercial site usually requires Design Review Approval. Contact the Planning department at (925) 779-6159 to have your plans reviewed by a planner before you submit an application for Design Review.

Gas Station Signage
(A) Maximum sign area. The maximum allowable sign area shall be 150 square feet.
(B) Signs permitted and prohibited.

  1. Signs shall be permitted as provided for in each zoning classification which permits service station uses, except as provided in this article.
  2. No sign shall face or be placed in any residential street providing secondary access to such service station use.
  3. No sign shall be attached to light standards.
  4. Two permanent reader panels for the purpose of designating the price of gasoline shall be permitted.
  5. In the event a service station is adjacent to or across from residential uses, the following sign limitations shall prevail:
    • One freestanding sign not exceeding a height of 15 feet shall be permitted. The supports for such sign shall be placed on the major street frontage.
    • Rotating signs shall be permitted subject to the approval of the Design Review Board.

(Ord. 918-C-S, passed 5-28-96)

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