Code Enforcement

Common Code Violations

In order to protect and enhance the quality of life, health, safety, and welfare of our community, the City of Antioch has enacted Ordinances pertaining to property maintenance standards that are contained in the Antioch Municipal Code.

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Examples of violations that the Code Enforcement Division responds to include:

  • Blighted, unmaintained, unsecured, or unsafe properties – including pools and fencing
  • Storage of junk and debris
  • Overgrown vegetation creating a hazard
  • Right-of-way encroachments including trees and debris
  • Inadequate or no garbage service
  • Inoperable/junk vehicles on private property
  • Vehicles parked on an unimproved surface
  • Major automotive repairs in the driveway of a residence
  • Illegal dumping (Property owner is responsible for removal of dumping on private property)
  • Graffiti
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts
  • Unpermitted Home Based Businesses
  • Zoning violations
  • Construction without permits
  • Substandard housing conditions

What is NOT a violation:

  • Civil disputes between private parties
  • Evictions
  • Personal grievances
  • Vehicles parked on the street

Some violations are enforced by other departments or agencies, for example:

Parking violations or abandoned/junk vehicles on the street Antioch Police (925) 779-6981
Streetlight Outage Antioch Public Works (925) 779-6950
Broken Irrigation in medians or parks Antioch Public Works (925) 779-6950
All animal related issues Antioch Animal Services (925) 779-6989
Mosquito and Vector Control Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control (925) 685-9301
Fire Hazards Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (925) 941-3324
Food Handling Contra Costa Environmental Health (925) 692-2500
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