Water Services


Effective July 1st, 2023, the minimum water deposit will be $300.00.

The Finance Department may require a customer to post a deposit prior to commencement of water service. All new tenants to the City of Antioch are required to pay a deposit based on the current Master Fee Schedule; no checks will be accepted for deposits. Water deposits are collected and held for 18-months. After the 18-months, the deposit will be applied to the customer’s account in the 19th month, provided they have made regular monthly payments with no account suspensions or service interruptions. A deposit will be required of all tenants/home owners if they have had an account go to collections or if their previous account had delinquency notices issued. If at any time during the 18-month period, the customer’s account is suspended or water service is interrupted for non-payment, the deposit will be held for the life of the account (until service is cancelled). If an account that does not have a deposit on file is shut off for non-payment, a deposit will be required for service restoration and will be held for the life of the account. If a bankruptcy is filed, the deposit will be applied to any outstanding pre-petition balance. All previous balances must be paid before starting a new account. If the customer moves during the 18-month period within Antioch, the deposit will be transferred to the new account. If the customer moves out of town, the deposit will be applied to the final bill upon closing. If any credit balance occurs after cancellation, a refund will be mailed to the customer after the cancellation.
No interest shall be credited to the customer on the deposit.

Pursuant to the Antioch Municipal Code 6-5.04 B

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