Purchasing Information

We appreciate your interest and hope this brief guide will be of benefit to you as a new supplier or as one of many present suppliers. Our aim is to be helpful to you in your sales effort and to promote a climate for good business relationships with the city of Antioch. This guide will outline our purchasing operation, procedures and policies. Please be assured that we want you to know about our requirements and that we want to be familiar with your products.

The policies set forth in this pamphlet are in compliance with Antioch’s Municipal Code and ordinances.

Purchasing Procedures and Responsibilities
Purchases are made under authority granted in the Antioch Municipal Code. Each department is responsible for the procurement of supplies and services which the City needs for efficient operation and maintenance. The majority of all purchases are made on the basis of competitive bidding. Competitive bids are not subject to negotiations. Awards are made to the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications.

Purchasing Commitments
  • To conserve public funds through reduction in cost and improvement in quality of materials and services purchased.
  • Continually seek new sources of supply and new products.
  • Qualify new suppliers and make plant visits to increase our knowledge of products, services, plant facilities and personnel.
  • Review suppliers’ performance to insure reliability.
  • Assure prompt delivery of supplies, equipment and services to meet the requirements of all City departments.
Methods of Procurement

As stated before, competition is the key when doing business with the City of Antioch. Most procurement actions with a dollar value of $5,000.00 or more will be competitively bid. This may be in the form of a written bid or a telephone bid. All purchases over fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) are formal bids and are subject to approval by the City Council. This type of bid will only be accepted when all correspondence is sealed.

Please read all bid and proposal forms carefully. The City explicitly explains each detail required to meet minimum specifications. Please be sure you can comply with all the requirements before bidding. If the material is unclear or other complications arise, contact the City as soon as possible. Do not wait until the date of the bid opening.

Closing time for all bids, formal and informal, is 2:00 p.m. of the closing date noted on quotation form.

All bids must be received by the requesting department prior to closing time and date specified. Late bids will not be accepted.

Upon bid award, all bid documents will be available for examination in accordance with the State of California Public Disclosure Laws.

Bidders List

A list of bidders for all classes of commodities and services normally purchased by the City is maintained in each Division that normally solicits bids. These lists are reviewed prior to soliciting bids. The advantage of being on our list is to increase the potential of a vendor being notified of our needs.

Being on the bidders list does not guarantee that you will receive bids. The number of potential bidders sometimes prohibits the mailing of bids to every vendor listed under a particular commodity or service.

To remain abreast of the City’s current bids, you should keep in contact with each Division you are interested in bidding for work for (i.e., Public Works) to check the current listing of bids or view the City’s website at www.antiochca.gov to obtain the most current information on bids being solicited by the City.

To be placed on our Bid List, please call the soliciting Division, or submit a written request. A vendor Information Application can be downloaded from our website.

Bonding and Sureties

While there may be cases where bid bonds, payment bonds or performance bonds are required, the City is committed to use bonds only when specifically justified. Bonding is recognized as a possible impediment to a new or small business, therefore, it is not called for on a routine basis.

Insurance Requirements

Normally, property damage and public liability insurance are required of those vendors performing services on property owned by the City of Antioch. (You will be notified before the contract is awarded if insurance is required. Worker’s compensation is also required for your employees.)


The City of Antioch desires to pay its bills in a prompt manner. The payment is contingent upon receiving a proper invoice and delivery of the goods or services. Invoices must be mailed to Accounts Payable for processing. Payment is usually made on a net thirty days basis. Partial payments will be made on partial deliveries.


A business that wishes to be considered a DBE or WBE must be certified by the California Department of Transportation or another governmental agency whose certification process is accepted by the City of Antioch.

Buyer/Seller Relations

The promotion of good vendor relations is an important function in the City’s procurement process. Much of the City’s and your time will be saved by observing the following rules and principles:

  1. Generally, authorized department representatives are the only persons authorized to commit the City for the purchase of materials, services or equipment. Payment may not be made for any goods delivered or services rendered without an authorized purchase order.
  2. Make your sales investments wisely. Sometimes a vendor will devote considerable time and money in presenting a product to a City department, in hope of making a sale. If you do this, remember that the purchase will eventually be made by competitive bid. What you spend for expensive designs and demonstrations does not guarantee you an order.
  3. Every employee of the City of Antioch is required to keep free of obligation by refusing to accept gifts offered by vendors or their representatives. Therefore, vendors are requested to cooperate in this regard by not making any such offers to employees.

We are pleased with your interest in the City of Antioch and want to assure you that we will give you every opportunity to compete for the City’s business.

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