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Antioch Animal Services
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Tel: (925) 779-6989

Animal Services FAQs

How do I license my dog?

Antioch residents are required to license their dog upon moving to Antioch, and/or after their dog turns 4 months of age. There is a 30-day grace period for either of these conditions to take care of the license. Thereafter, there will be a $33.00 penalty fee.

Before the license can be issued, you must obtain a rabies vaccination and certificate as proof of the vaccination.

Spaying/neutering is not required to get a license, but there are reduced licensing fees for the animals that have received the alteration. To receive the reduced fee, you will need proof of the operation (either the operation receipt, or bringing the dog into the shelter if male). Sometimes the rabies certificate will show proof.

When you are ready to license your dog, you can bring the necessary paperwork to Antioch Animal Services to purchase a one, two, or three year license, depending on the length of your rabies vaccinations. You can also obtain a license application from your Veterinarian, and mail the information to the specified address with your payment.

If you are not an Antioch resident, you must license your dog with Contra Costa County Animal Services at (925) 335-8300.

How do I find my lost pet?

Even if you do not reside in Antioch, come to the Shelter as soon as possible to look for your lost pet. We will have you fill out a Lost Pet Report, and then take you through each part of our Shelter to try and locate your pet. If you do not find your pet, we will hold your report on file. If possible please bring a current photo of your pet to add to your lost pet report. Re-visit the Shelter frequently thereafter, because only you know what your pet looks like. Your lost pet report will expire 30 days from your last visit, so put the current date on your report each time you visit.

There are additional online resources available where you can post your lost pet’s information, some are as follows:

  • Facebook: Fido Alert – East Contra Costa County

Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) is located at 4800 Imhoff Place, Martinez and accepts found animals from all areas of Contra Costa County excluding animals found in Antioch. You can fill out a report with CCAS for your lost pet at (925) 335-8330 or in person at their facility.

My neighbor’s pet is causing me or my property trouble. What can I do?

If this is a non-vicious matter, read on. For a barking or howling dog, or a dog causing damage to your property, you may call animal services at 779-6989 to file a complaint. Although all information is kept confidential and not shared, you must give us the exact address of the dog owner as well as your name, address, and phone number. An Animal Control Officer will investigate the case and if necessary, take appropriate action. If the problem persists, you may file additional complaints again in 30 days. The case will be escalated as necessary, but may need to be handled in a civil court in some instances.

For a nuisance cat, you can rent a trap from the Shelter at $6 per day with a $60 cash deposit. (Call the Shelter before visiting at 779-6989, to make sure we have traps available for rent.) If the owner comes to pick up the cat, he or she will learn the cat was brought to us in a trap, but we will not disclose your information. Hopefully, the owner will keep the animal indoors and the nuisance will be solved. Because cats are considered to be free-roaming animals and are not required to be on a leash, you will not be able to file an “At Large” complaint with us. We will still take a complaint if it is an animal care or abuse issue. If you still want to amend the problem, you can pursue the matter by contacting the Pittsburg Courthouse and filing for small claims court.

There is a nuisance or stray animal (other than a dog) in my neighborhood. How do I solve the problem?

If you are an Antioch resident and there is a non-vicious animal causing problems on your property (such as a raccoon or opossum), you may rent a trap from us for $6 per day with a $60 cash deposit. (Call the Shelter before visiting at 779-6989, to make sure we have traps available for rent.) Upon pickup, we will instruct you on operation of the trap. After the animal has been trapped, you can bring the trap to our Shelter, or call 779-6989 to arrange for a pickup.

I’ve come across a dead animal, where do I report it?

Call Antioch Animal Services at 779-6989 and report the exact location of the animal. Keep in mind that this is an important but low-priority task. Dead animal pick up is only provided Tuesday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm.

What happens if I find an animal that appears lost?

Although approaching an unknown dog or cat is not recommended, should you come across a lost animal in Antioch and it is now in your possession, read on. You should either surrender the animal to us for shelter, care, and possible re-connection with its owner. Or, if you can temporarily care the dog yourself, bring the animal in so that we may check for a microchip (or take it to a veterinarian to check), then fill out a “Found Dog Report” to keep on file at the Shelter in the case the dog’s owner is looking for it here. If you have picked up the animal outside of Antioch, you must contact Contra Costa County Animal Services at (925) 335-8300.

There is a stray dog wandering the streets, but I won’t approach it. How can I help?

If the dog is posing a public threat, such as an aggressive animal, call Animal Services at 779-6989 during regular business hours. After hours call the Non-Emergency Police number, 778-2441 and an Animal Control Officer will be dispatched. (There is an officer on call before and after regular business hours.)

If the dog is not posing a public threat, you may report it to the Shelter. However, due to higher priority calls, our Animal Control Officers may not be able to find and impound the dog. On the weekend, the Animal Control Officers only respond to urgent calls. Although a report will be taken by our front desk staff, it will not be handled immediately.

A mother cat had kittens on my property. Can you come get them?

Due to the shortage of Animal Control Officers in Antioch, we are unable to pick up litters of kittens – with or without the mother. If you are an Antioch resident, you can bring the animals to us for care and possible adoption. If the mother is protective and you are uncomfortable with handling her, you may rent a trap from us for $6 per day with a $60 cash deposit. (Call the Shelter before visiting at 779-6989, to make sure we have traps available for rent.) It may be easier to remove the kittens once the mother is separated, but as always use caution when handling the animals.

I can no longer care for my pet. Can I bring it to you?

Due to space limitation, Antioch Animal Services only accepts surrenders by appointment from Antioch residents and there is a fee. If you are and Antioch resident and you wish to surrender your animal, please complete the SURRENDER REQUEST FORM. A representative from the ARF Pet Safety Net program, a partner of Antioch Animal Services, will call you within three business days to provide resources to help you keep your pet in your home, or assist you in scheduling a future appointment for surrender. We strongly encourage you to exhaust the re-homing tools and other resources that will be sent in response to your form inquiry as an alternative to surrender. As space permits, pets from the City of Antioch will be admitted to the shelter by appointment.

If you cannot access the Surrender Request Form, please send a detailed email to so that we may assist you.

We typically do not accept large-sized livestock, but will assist you in finding shelter for the animal. Usually, we will accept just about any other type of pet.

If you live outside Antioch, you will need to contact Contra Costa County Animal Services at (925) 335-8300. Please keep in mind that surrendering your pet to Animal Services is always better than the alternative of putting the animal on the street or letting it fend for itself in the wild. This pet has known your home, and needs to be cared for in a humane manner.

There is a bee hive or yellow jacket hive on my property. Can you remove it?

Antioch Animal Services does not get involved with issues concerning bees, wasps, mice, rats, or similar creatures. Contact Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control (925) 685-9301 for possible free services. If they cannot help with your particular situation, contact a professional vector control service which you can find in the phone book.

Does the animal shelter offer any services to the public?

In addition to Dog Licensing and Adoption Services, our Shelter offers microchipping of your pet. Before you bring your pet to the Shelter, phone us at 779-6989 to make sure we have staff to insert the microchip. The microchip fee for dogs and cats is $23.00 for Antioch residents and $28.00 for Non-residents. These fees include microchip implant and registration on the Animal Shelter database. Pet owners may additionally register their pets directly with HomeAgain Pet Recovery by sending $19.99 annually.

We also recommend you register your personal information with the American Kennel Club, which will add your pet to the national registry database.  There is an additional cost associated with that service.  We suggest you go to their website,, for more information.
Antioch Animal Services does not offer spay/neuter, vaccination, or kenneling services to the public. You can contact a local veterinarian and/or kennel for these services.

Do you have animals other than dogs and cats available for adoption?

We also adopt out rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other pet rodents. Though more infrequent, we also adopt out reptiles animals such as turtles, snakes, and lizards.