Measure W - Voter Information

Dear Neighbors:

On August 9, 2018, the Antioch City Council placed Measure W on the November 6, 2018 ballot. If approved, Measure W would continue to maintain Antioch’s public safety and other quality of life services.

As you may know, previous Antioch ballot measures, helped ensure the City could maintain police, emergency response and code enforcement services – just the basics. If approved, Measure W extends an existing, voter-approved sales tax at the one-cent rate to increase investment in code enforcement, clean up blight, road repairs, support youth and senior services, and attract new business and jobs to Antioch. Food purchased as groceries and prescription medications would continue to be exempt.

Priorities Measure W would address, if approved, include:

  • Continuing to maintain 911 police response and restore the number of police officers patrolling City streets
  • Ensuring water quality and safety
  • Maintaining Antioch’s quality of life and financial stability
  • Cleaning up illegal dumping
  • Restoring after-school and summer programs for youth
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