Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Designer – Architect – Other Professional

The Pre-Approved ADU Plans program will fulfill the City’s obligations under Assembly Bill 1332, which requires cities to post pre-approved ADU plans and the contact information for their respective designer on the City’s website. The posting of a pre-approved ADU plan is not a City endorsement of any specific vendor. All pre-approved plans must still go through site-specific submittals to secure a building permit.

The City of Antioch is launching a Pre-Approved ADU Plan Program to streamline the permitting process for ADUs. Designers may submit their ADU plans to be “pre-reviewed” for compliance with applicable building codes. After plans are reviewed and approved by City staff, they will be featured on the Pre-Approved ADU Plans online gallery. A homeowner may then visit the gallery to see the pre-approved designs and get connected with the design’s owner to move forward with an ADU project using a streamlined review process with no plan check fee.

What are the benefits of pre-approved plans for ADU professionals?

The Pre-Approved ADU Plans program will allow you to easily connect with more homeowners interested in ADUs. Via the online gallery, a preview of your plans and your contact information will be shared with homeowners who are interested in purchasing your ADU plans. If a homeowner wants to use your plans, they will then be obligated to work with you on the site-specific submittals (e.g., site plan, plumbing and electrical plans). Using pre-approved plans will be the shortest and most cost-effective path for homeowners interested in building an ADU.

Additionally, with the launch of the program, the City will be doing community outreach to homeowners, and so your participation will mean your company and services are marketed to Antioch homeowners, at no cost to you.

How do I apply for pre-approval?

Please visit City’s Civic Access Portal. Click on the Apply tab and search for “Pre-Approved ADU Plans Program – Designers.” You will be able to apply completely online, once you create an account if you don’t have one already. Complete applications will be approved or denied within 60 days of submittal.

The following information will be required for your pre-approval application:

  • Architectural information (e.g., floor plans, elevations, roof plan)
  • Structural plans and calculations
  • Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans
  • Manufactured trusses
  • Title 24 energy documents
  • A standard site plan as reference is optional

You will also need to fill in basic information about your design and how you would like it featured in the pre-approved plans gallery, including your desired Plan Access Fee.

For the first year, there will be no plan check fee when you apply for pre-approval! It will be completely free to you to apply.

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