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    Business License Information

Renewals / Delinquencies

Courtesy renewal notices are sent 30 days prior to expiration of the account and is due 30 days after your expiration date. If you have previously requested email notifications, a paper notice will NOT be mailed to you. It is the account holder’s responsibility to renew the business license upon expiration date regardless of receiving the notice of expiration.

In addition to the license tax, all renewals are required to pay a $10.00 renewal processing fee and $4.00 SB-1186 state mandated fee.

Any payments received after the due date are subject to the delinquent penalties below:

Period  Penalty Assessed
30-59 days after expiration date 10% of license tax
60-89 days after expiration date 30% of license tax plus $25 reapplication fee
90 + days after expiration date 50% of license tax plus $25 reapplication fee

To renew online, please go to: https://antioch.progressivecloud.net/webrenewals/.