Housing Successor Reporting & Compliance

  • Reporting and Transparency

    The State Department of Housing and Community Development requires reporting that satisfies the requirements of AB 987 and SB 341. AB 987 took effect in October 2007, and required redevelopment agencies to compile, maintain, and make available to the public a database of existing new and substantially rehabilitated income restricted units assisted with moneys from the Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund. The AB 987 report is updated annually. Please note that housing units created or rehabilitated for victims of domestic violence are not included in this database.

    Information listed in the database includes:
    • The address and parcel number of the property.
    • The date and document number of the affordability covenants that are recorded on replacement properties in the event that an ownership unit is resold at market rate.
    • The date when the affordability covenant or restriction was recorded.
    • The document number of the recording.
    • The expiration date of the covenant or restriction.
    • The year in which construction was completed.

    Click on the button to the right for information on multifamily rental housing units assisted with Antioch Redevelopment Agency (ADA) or Housing Successor (HS) funding. This list is a subset of all the restricted affordable units appear in the Affordable Housing list for Contra Costa County, available here or on the Subsidized/Affordable Housing Resources page.

    Click here for information on homeowner units assisted with Redevelopment or Housing Successor funding through either First Time Homebuyer loans or Housing Rehabilitation loans. Please note that this list is not a list of available units. Please do not contact or disturb the owners or tenants of these units.

    Please call the Community Development Department at (925) 779-7035 if you have any questions.

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