Housing Rehabilitation Program

  • housing rehabilitation programThe City of Antioch has partnered with Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley to provide both loans and small grants to correct housing deficiencies for lower income homeowners in Antioch. This program is funded by City of Antioch Housing Successor funds. Issues addressed are health and safety, property maintenance, energy efficiency and disability accommodation.

    Eligible repairs include such things as:
    Roofs Foundation work Heating Ramps
    Stairs & Porches Water Heaters Cooling Windows
    Mold, mildew, and lead paint remediation Painting Flooring Grab Bars
    Plumbing Electrical Accessibility Upgrades Door Locks

    To qualify for the program, you must:

    • Own your home. Exception: Renters with a severely disabled household member who requires reasonable accommodations may qualify for a grant.
    • Live in your home. 
    • Have no more than $150,000 in liquid assets if Elderly Person, or $50,000 for other households. Pensions and approved pre-tax savings accounts as well as the home proposed for rehabilitation are not counted in asset calculation.
      Earn no more than the maximum income for your household size, in chart below. Maximum Income depends on the number of people in your household not including full-time caregivers.

    For more information, contact:

    Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley

    Phone: 510-803-3388

    Email: HomeRepair@HabitatEBSV.org

    Website: https://www.habitatebsv.org/services/home-repair/antioch

    Household Size: 1 2 3 4 5 6
    80% AMI: $69,000 $78,850 $88,700 $98,550 $106,450 $114,350
    Required Documentation
    • Photo IDs and Proof of Legal Residency for all Applicants
    • Copy of Certificate of Title
    • Proof of occupancy (including space lease agreement if in a mobile home)
    • Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
    • Income documentation for all household members 18 years of age and older

    Please visit Habitat’s Antioch webpage for more information on eligibility, loan limits, interest rates and term, required documentation and to submit a request for service:


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