Planning Division


The City of Antioch’s Planning Division is now accepting Online Submittals for the applications listed below:

  • Administrative Use Permits
  • Cell Sites (with prior appointment)
  • Design Review
  • Planned Development
  • Rezoning
  • SB 330 Preliminary Application
  • Specific Plan Amendment
  • Use Permits
  • Variances
  • Zoning Verification Letters

Submit your online application here: Enterprise Permitting & Licensing Online Portal.


The Planning Division reviews, processes, and evaluates proposed development applications for conformance with the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines (CEQA), as well as State planning regulations. This review is referred to as an “entitlement” review as approvals authorize specific development rights based on the project scope and compliance.

Review Process

Step 1 – Pre-application Conference
A pre-application conference includes representatives from Planning, Engineering, and Building Divisions who provide a preliminary review and feedback on the proposed project scope. This meeting is required for all entitlement development applications. To find out more information please see the Pre-application Conference page.

Step 2 –Application Submittal

The applicant submits the project application to the City and pays the corresponding fees.

Step 3—Application Processing

The application will be evaluated for completeness with the submittal checklist.

Step 4—Application Status

Application Deemed Incomplete. If there are outstanding items, the application will be deemed “Incomplete” and contains a list of additionally required information.

Application Deemed Complete. If the application provides all items on the checklist, it will be deemed “Complete“.

Step 5—Project Routing
The project will be routed to City departments and applicable outside agencies for review and comment.   Comments are forwarded to the applicant.

Step 6 – Public Hearing Planning Commission

Project applications are subject to the review of the Planning Commission or for minor projects, the Zoning Administrator will serve as the hearing officer. Public hearing notices are sent to property owners within 300 ft. of the subject site and a public hearing is held.

Step 7 – City Council Public Hearing
Some project entitlements require City Council review and action for approval. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Cannabis Use Permit
  • General Plan Amendment
  • Final Development Plan
  • Master Development Plan
  • Planned Development
  • Rezone
  • Tentative Subdivision Map

Estimated Timing

Project processing will vary depending on the project complexity and when the application is deemed complete for a project to be scheduled for a hearing. The staff planner processing the project can provide approximate timing on review.

Application Withdrawal

Pursuant to Antioch Municipal Code § 9-5.3847 “Withdrawals of Planning Applications,” Planning applications are automatically withdrawn 120 calendar days from the date of the incomplete letter if revisions are not submitted to the Planning Division.

The Zoning Administrator may grant a written extension for up to an additional 90 calendar days when good cause for an extension is demonstrated. Delays due to circumstances outside the applicant’s reasonable control will be considered good cause to grant the extension.

For more specific questions, please contact the Planning Division at

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