Welcome to the Districting Page for the City of Antioch!

On May 8, 2018, the Antioch City Council voted to approve Ordinance No.2141-C-S to adopt by-district elections. The ordinance changes the election system in the City of Antioch from at-large to by-district elections for the City Council. This means that City Council members must live in the districts they represent, and will be elected by the voters in those districts starting with the 2020 election. In 2020, districts 1 and 4 will elect council members for initial two year terms. These districts will be up for reelection again in 2022, and after that every four years. Districts 2 and 3 will elect members for four year terms in 2020 and continue to do so every four years thereafter. This is done to preserve staggered elections, i.e. to ensure that two seats are open every two years. The mayor’s position is not affected by district elections and will continue to be elected at-large, by all registered voters in Antioch.

The City would like to thank everyone who participated in the districting process!

You can find the ordinance here

The new districts can be viewed on the City’s map interface here

The district descriptions are below:

Antioch Council District Descriptions:

District 1 is the northernmost Council District. The western, northern, and eastern boundaries of this district are the city limits and the southern boundary is Highway 4.

District 2’s western boundary is the city limits. Its northern boundary is Highway 4 from the city limits to Hillcrest Avenue, which is the eastern boundary. From East to West, the southern boundary follows Davison Drive from the intersection of Hillcrest to Lone Tree Way, follows Lone Tree Way south to Delta de Anza, the follows Delta de Anza to James Donlon Boulevard and follows James Donlon to Somersville Road out to the city limits.

District 3’s eastern boundary is the city limits from Highway 4 to Lone Tree Way. The southern boundary follows Lone Tree Way to the canal to Davison Drive. The northwestern boundary follows Davison Drive to Hillcrest Avenue, and Hillcrest Avenue to Highway 4. The northern boundary is Highway 4 from Hillcrest to the city limits.

District 4 is the southernmost Council District. The western, southern, and eastern boundaries are the city limits. From West to East, the northern boundary follows Somersville Road to James Donlon Boulevard, then James Donlon to Delta de Anza, and Delta de Anza to Lone Tree Way. The boundary follows the canal until it intersects again with Lone Tree Way, at which point the boundary again follows Lone Tree Way to the city limits.