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Adapting to Climate Change

gatheringThe City of Antioch has begun to prepare for a future with climate change. Preparing for and adapting to a changing climate can support the livelihoods of Antioch residents in terms of health, financial security, and protecting our vulnerable communities. So what are we preparing for? Some hazards that Antioch is likely to face now and in the future include:

  • Longer, hotter, and more common heat waves
  • Deterioration of air quality due to increased heat and fires
  • Increased flooding from uncertain participation patterns and sea level rise
  • Earthquake
  • Drought

Other potential indirect consequences of climate change exist as well:

  • Food insecurity due to uncertain crop outputs
  • Continuation of housing shortage due to fires and flooding
  • Worsening transportation congestion due to flooding

The City of Antioch is examining the best ways to prepare the City of Antioch for a future with warmer weather, poorer air quality, and more unstable water and energy distribution systems.

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In May 2020, the Antioch City Council approved a Climate Action and Resilience Plan that prioritizes adaptation, focusing on actions that can address joint issues of adapting to these changes while reducing emissions.

To learn more about the Climate Action and Resilience Plan and to find more information on the hazards facing Antioch, click here.

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