Waste Management Plan

Download the Waste Management Plan (WMP) you need to submit prior to receiving your permit. Below are the general guidelines for the WMP process:

Steps to receive your building permit:

  • Complete Page 1 and Section I (of page 2) of the WMP
  • Contract and Property Owner’s signatures are required (on page 2)
  • Submit the WMP to the permit desk or directly to the WMP Compliance Official
  • Your permit will be issued once the submitted WMP is approved
  • A copy of your approved WMP will be returned to you with your building permit

While on the Job:

  • Keep records of all material reused, recycled or landfilled from the site
  • Official weight tags will need to be submitted with the final WMP prior to a final inspection
  • Official weight tags must contain the following information:
    1. Job site address
    2. Weight of load
    3. Material types
    4. If the materials were recycled, salvaged or disposed
  • Contact our WMP staff at wastemgmtplan@antiochca.gov or by calling (925) 779-6176 if you need any assistance or have questions.

Prior to receiving your Final Inspection:

  • Complete Section II of the WMP
  • Submit the final WMP and all applicable documentation to the Building Department you want your final inspection for approval.
  • Once your final WMP is approved, a final inspection can occur.
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