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Waste Prevention

waste prevention

Every year, roughly 63,000 tons of waste material is disposed of in local landfills by residents and businesses in Antioch. This equates to 3.1 pounds per person every day! Our State mandated target is 4.2 pounds per person per day and the state average is 4.3, so great job! There are still a lot of resources that can be diverted from the landfill as we work on meeting the statewide goal of a 75% diversion rate.

In partnership with our Franchised Hauler, Republic Services the city offers many programs to help our businesses and residents reduce their waste. While subscribing to garbage and recycling service is mandatory for all, please keep in mind the even more important R’s: Reducing your waste by not generating it, Reusing items, and Composting (Rot). Check out the information below to learn more about the ways you can help us to reduce waste in Antioch!

Resources for preventing and diverting your waste from landfills

Waste Prevention Speakers and Learning Activities

Do you have a community group looking for speakers? Or a school or youth group that wants to learn about waste prevention? Environmental Resources can help! Send us a message to schedule us to come out for one of the following topics: Composting, reuse art projects, waste free lunches, and many more!